Spring 2018 update ***

Posted on: January 23rd, 2019 by boyd

This report is a little late. We had a great spring and the stock have done especially well compared to the very wet winter spring period in 2017.We got out 4 and a half hectares of 25 year old pine trees in May and June 2018 for excellent prices.We replanted and increased our tree area by 8 hectares.We dropped our stock by 20 dairy grazers and with the great spring have been a little under stocked which has enabled us to build up our feed supplement reserves.When the young trees are about 3 to 4 years old we will carefully introduce sheep again.There have been different opinions among White Dorper breeders about the eradication of Dermatosparaxis. We are one of the few studs in New Zealand that is accredited dermo. clear. Since starting in 2007 when we started testing we have not had a single positive reacter. To back this up we have kept the White Dorper stud closed to any new live White Dorpers. We imported semen only from  Australian studs who will test for dermo. With no profit in selling crossbred wool and the increased shearing charges we have been getting increased inquiries for White Dorpers.