Sires Used in Stud


It is now two seasons since we started using three A.I. White Dorper sires. We will put their current Lambplan results and their actual NZ SIL data from their progeny in our flock.farmed under commercial conditions.

Etiwanda Outback 095195 current  Lambplan wwt 4.6 pwt, 11.6 bfat ,0.4  pemd 2.3, src 123.8 ,  SIL TSO 707, Rk2.TSG 587, Rk 4, TSM 125, Rk 5, TSF  -42 Rk 17. Overall rank 5th, 59 progeny.

Gossamer Down 110422 Lambplan wwt 5.0, pwt 8.1 ,pfat 0.6, pemd 2.8, src 122.4                                            SIL TSO 635, Rk 5, TSG 350 Rk 8. TSM 170 Rk 4. TSF 81 Rk 1.overall Rank 4th, progeny 68

Jilakin Downs 110291, Lambplan wwt 4.6, pwt 8.6, bfat 1.4, pemd 3.4 ,SRC 130.0                                               SIL TSO 308 Rk 10, TSG 169 Rk 14, TSM Rk 7, TSF 5 Rk 8.overall Rank 6th,progeny 19

We have now progeny tested 30 rams over the last 4 years on NZ SIL these three AI rams are ranked 4th,5th and 6th. Two sons of Outback and one by 110422 are ranked 1st 2nd and 3rd.Due to semen delays 110291 progeny were 5 weeks younger than the other AI rams progeny which adversely affected their eye muscle scan. 110291 Aust. pemd 3.4 is one of highest in Australia for a White Dorper ram. TSF is the measure of worm resistance. higher is good. This is how the data comes back from the NZ SIL provider.I am very pleased how these rams progeny have performed under our conditions.