Sales 2020

Posted on: October 15th, 2020 by boyd

Ratapiko 99-19,twin,Sire Etiwanda 160613, TSM 221, NZTW 884, wean wt 27 kg, scan wt 45 kg,    wt. 26/10/20 -76 kg

Ratapiko 108-19 twin. Sire Etiwanda 8382/13      TSM 289, NZTW 635, wean wt. 23kg,scan wt 45kg. wt 26/10/20 -82kg



Ratapiko 118-19, single, Sire Etiwanda 160613(twin), TSM-213, NZTW-742, wean wt.-30kg. wt. 26/10/20- 73kg

Ratapiko 160-19 single,Sire Etiwanda 8382/13,TSM 279,NZTW-709,wean wt.-35kg,scan wt.-46kg, wt. 26/10/20-84kg

Ratapiko166- 19, single,sire Etiwanda 8382/13,TSM112. NZTW 287,wean wt 30kg, scan wt 39kg,present wt 75kg SOLD

Ratapiko 210-19 single,Sire Etiwanda 160613, TSM 165, NZTW 1050,wean wt 38kg,scan wt 51kg, wt. 26/10/20 -75kg







Ratapiko 105-19,Twin,Sire Etiwanda 8382/13,TSM-178,NZTW-475, wean wt 29kg,scan wt 41kg,wt-26/10/20-82kg







 Four of these rams 105/19,99/19,108/19 ,and118/19have not had their feet trimmed. Their price is $700.00 +GST..The other 3 rams166/19,160/19,210/19. have had a light foot trim so we have dropped their price to $500.00+ GST. These 3 rams are suitable for commercial use.

At the end of February 2021 we will have hogget rams for sale when we have their SIL eye muscle and FEC data also their individual skin thickness results. This crop of hogget rams will include sons of Etiwanda 160613 whose photo is on our sires page. There are also sons of Bellevue 180764 and Bellevue 180314 chosen and bought by Etiwanda stud. Also Etiwanda 182514 and Etiwanda 182177 top  rams proven on Australian Lambplan.

We have the largest stud of White Dorper  in New Zealand so we can give you the best pick. White Dorpers can breed all year round and can have three crops of lambs in two years.

White Dorpers are the best breed for farming through droughts. Etiwanda stud in western NSW had just 170 mls for the whole of 2019. They weaned their lambs at four months. They averaged 36kg  with no supplements.

We can provide free cartage to Mokau for our Waikato and King Country buyers. Otorohanga transport can deliver to all northern New Zealand.

We can also provide free cartage to Feilding for our eastern and southern north island  and south island buyers.We can meet in Feilding with Tullochs or other nominated South Island transport operators for South Island buyers.

108,118,105&160 have shed a lot more since their original photo was put on site. What was left on their back has been trimmed off.