Autumn 2018 Update

This season was affected by the very wet winter and spring last year.We had two and a half metres of rain by mid September. Our annual rainfall averages two metres. This tested not only our Dorper and White Dorper sheep but all other sheep on western North Island hill country.Our SIL data from scanning and worm testing with Techion group has identified our top performers in a tough season.We have been worm testing for seven years now and are starting to make real progress.We had two white Dorper ram lambs of different bloodlines with FEC bv of -31.50.We have found like other breeders of other breeds of sheep on the FEC programme that it takes about five years before you make real progress.We are getting our pine trees out this winter.This is our second crop. I planted the first crop in 1967 and we harvested them in 1993 and replanted with these ones then.I have spent the last 18 months getting things ready, tracks etc.It will probably cause a bit of disruption over winter.