2020 Update

Posted on: January 29th, 2020 by boyd

We had good weather at lambing. At weaning on 22nd November we noticed the weaning weights were a little behind other years. The colder weather during September and October definitely made a difference with our lambs and lambs all over N.Z.

The lambs were eye muscle scanned and weighed on the 23rd January and they were well ahead of other years weights. Our AI lambs were approx. 160 days old. 22 of the ram lambs, out of 65 ram lambs weighed 45 kg or over with 6 over 50kg. This year our scanner, Chris Sparks, scanned our lambs for skin thickness as well. This is the first time it has been done with White Dorpers and Dorpers. Our 65 ram lambs averaged 2.69 mls with a range of highest 3.90ml to lowest 2 ml. Our 74 ewe lambs averaged 2.59ml. They had the exact same range of highest 3.90 and lowest 2ml. We also scanned 5x15month rams used in the stud as hoggets. They averaged 4.96ml with a top reading of 7ml and lowest 4ml.The ram, Ratapiko 62/18, which had the 7ml reading is the top ram for eye muscle. He is also a triplet.

On the 15th January we sold 29 ewes at the Stratford Ewe Fair. They went for $150. Like most people selling we got $15 more for the culls that went to the works before Christmas. A local lady bought them. She has bought ewes and rams of us before.

I am not too worried about the current dry weather as White Dorpers Dorpers do so well on dry grass as we found out during last summer’s dry spell