2021 Update

Posted on: March 3rd, 2021 by boyd

2021 Update.

The weather last spring was great for lambing and has continued with regular rainfall right through until now. This has allowed us to build up our ewes for mating this year perfectly. This summer we have put our ewes into 12 hectares of young trees to eat the grass. It was full of lotus major. The ewes have done very well, many putting on 10 kgs over two months. This has enabled us to increase our flock size to 350 ewes. This year’s eye muscle scanning at 162 days of age was interesting. We had progeny from 4 new white rams and 3 new black rams. Two of our new white rams progeny from Etiwanda stud tested 3rd and 6th for worm resistance out of 46 rams on our ram summary. This is great news for our worm resistance programme which is connected to our facial eczema programme as we found the two traits seem to be connected. Last July our Ramtest results done by Agreseach showed we had two young rams that passed the .2 level. They are from different bloodlines and are both twins and both have good figures for FEC worm resistance. At this years AI matings we will test 4 more white sires from Etiwanda. These are all outcross Etiwanda sires coming from matings over their top ewes. They have bought in top Lambplan tested sires from other studs who, like Etiwanda, test their sheep under tough commercial conditions. We sold 25 ewes at the Taranaki ewe fair on 20th January. They were all inspected and passed by inspector Kevin Carr. Seventeen were graded stud. They sold for $200.00  and the eight commercial ewes went for $158.00. They were all bought by a buyer in Southland to start a stud. They all arrived in good order 10 days later. I was impressed by the cartage companies treatment of the ewes on their long journey by giving them breaks in paddocks on the way down. It proves we can sell and shift our sheep to any part of New Zealand.